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A Message from President Dave Weidlich

We have a real opportunity to help striking workers and reduce the need for strikes in the future.

Our bill to provide striking workers with unemployment benefits after two weeks has now passed out of two committees and awaits a vote in the State Senate.

But Gov. Lamont has just come out against our bill and stalled our momentum.

Tell Gov. Lamont: Providing striking workers with unemployment benefits will help avoid the need for strikes!

Let’s be clear: no one wants to strike. It is a difficult decision that comes after months or even years of failed negotiations and after the employer has made a last best offer. When workers vote to strike, they do it because they have no other option. It’s never a choice.

Two of our neighboring states, New York and New Jersey, already allow striking workers to collect benefits after two weeks. Workers in Connecticut deserve the same.

Contact Gov. Lamont and tell him it’s time to level the playing field for striking workers!