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CWA members joined hundreds of thousands of people in the continuation of the March on Washington that began 50 years ago.  On Saturday, August 24, CWA members joined with other unions and civil rights supporters as we rode together on a bus from Hamden CT to Washington D.C. and  watched at the National Mall, as history was  repeated. Speakers addressed the ongoing fight for civil rights and race relations.  It was clear that we still have work to do.  CWA Local 1298, funded by CWA District 1, met in Hamden CT. in the early hours on Saturday 12:30 A.M.,for the long ride on a bus to Washington D.C.  We were joined by other unions and youth groups in our state and rode from our headquarters in Hamden CT, to Washington D.C. to join other CWA locals as we commemorated this infamous day.  In his last sermon before his assassination, Martin Luther King talked about the  "Drum Majors" in the world with a desire "to lead the parade" .  CWA Local 1298 members, our supporters and other unions   wore T-Shirt with the slogan   "I am a Drum Major for Justice" when we arrived in D.C.  Click here for photos