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It is extremely important to verify and ensure you have designated beneficiary/beneficiaries for all of your negotiated benefits!! The small step you take today helps to make sure your family doesn't have to wait any additional time for access to your benefits in the future!

Please take the time and verify ALL of your beneficiaries

These benefits consist of:

For Frontier Members

  • 401k - Contact Fidelity Investments 800-835-5095 or 
  • Life Insurance- Visit www.frontierbenefitscenter.comand click "Review your benefit history", you will be able to see if there is a beneficiary listed. If there is not, from the home page click the tab "See what your benefits offer" click next until you reach the "Beneficiaries" page. You can add a beneficiary or change your current allocations.

The life insurance plan administrator is Securian Life 1-866-293-604


For AT&T Members  

  • Pension- ContactFidelity Investments 800-835-5095 or 
  • 401k- ContactFidelity Investments 800-835-5095 or 
  • Life Insurance- Visit HR One Stop or call 877 722-0020


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 203 230-5703 or