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The CWA Local 1298 Union Assistance Program is designed to help our members and their families with issues that affect their job performance and/or personal well-being. The program (UAP) is based on the concept of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The UAP is a confidential, worksite based, program designed to assist in the identification and resolution of productivity and personal problems associated with, but not limited to: health, marital, family, financial, alcohol, drugs, legal, emotional, stress or other personal concerns that may adversely affect members’ personal well-being and job performance.

As a UAP you may be called upon to perform the following duties:
● Behave Ethically, confidentially, and professional at all times
● Be able to counsel members and their families without bias or judgement
● Travel throughout CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, and ME
● Travel beyond CWA 1298 region if necessary
● Visit members in hospitals, mental/substance abuse treatment centers, Doctors offices,
their homes, on the jobsite, courts, and jail.
● Conduct interventions for both mental health and substance abuse issues
● Assist members in various environments including but not limited to bars, dangerous
neighborhoods, and tense situations
● Visit with members who are homebound and lend a helping hand
● Obtain knowledge of the various contracts that represent our members, have the ability to
read and understand these contracts, and refer members to the appropriate union
representation when warranted
● Obtain knowledge of the various medical benefits afforded our members and their families
and the ability to counsel them on how to access these benefits

● Comprise and maintain a list of suitable treatment facilities, both mental health and
substance abuse, throughout the country that best serve our members
● Field visits to all manners of medical facilities (detox, in-patient, intensive out-patient,
partial hospitalization facilities, and out-patient clinics to inspect and vet them for
appropriate referrals
● Make arrangements with insurance companies and their staff to assist our members in
navigating insurance policies
● Be able to attend the National Labor College (Maryland) for a one-week training for Labor
Assistance Professionals
● Be willing to attend mandatory certification trainings both in and out-of-state
● Obtain resources for financial help throughout the region
● Obtain resources for legal assistance for issues such as criminal, bankruptcy, financial,
general counsel, and divorce
● Network with treatment providers, doctors, clinicians, lawyers, police, financial
representatives, and other EAP providers
● Communicate with management, where appropriate, on what your role is and how you
can be helpful
● Respond to critical incidents such as work-related injuries, on or off-duty deaths, and
physical altercations
● Willingness to work long hours and be “on-call” 24/7
● Interact with union representatives (President, Treasurer, Vice Presidents, Business
Agents, Chief Stewards, and Stewards) to offer assistance in any ongoing issues
● Attend funerals

Job Expectations

1) Applicant must be bondable/insurable, have a valid driver’s license, dependable
vehicle, and up-to-date insurance
2) Applicant should be motivated and willing to seek further education opportunities and
3) Should have Community Service experience
4) Proven networking skills
5) Most importantly…the ability to listen and assist without judgement