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The joint CWA District 1 and District 2-13 Bargaining Committee would like to announce that a Tentative Agreement with Dex Media, Inc. has been reached. The Agreement covers the Bargaining Units of Maryland/Virginia, New England, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut Sales Offices.

The new two-year agreement contains base wage improvements for BA’s with greater than one (1) year service and/or protections for all BA’s while implementing a new Pay Area concept impacting the Compensation Plan. BA’s with greater than five (5) years will be raised to Mid-Point or a minimum of 2%, whichever is greater unless already at maximum. BA’s within one (1) to four (4) years’ service will receive a $500 base pay increase. Lump sum payments were agreed for those with less than one (1) year service.

The Committee was successful in pushing back Dex in several key areas. Dex wanted to eliminate the Flat Rate Car Reimbursement option. It is retained. Dex sought to slash the million-dollar penalty when new compensation plans produce a diminishment of 5% or more in earnings. It is retained. Dex sought to implement six (6) pay areas, starting with ZERO. The Union insisted that a ZERO Pay Area was unacceptable; Dex withdrew and eliminated Pay Area Zero.

This is the first agreement that raises the base wage of BA’s, some significantly, in several years.

Your Local will be providing additional information on the agreement and ratification process.

When we fight, we win!!

In Unity,

The Joint District 1 and 2-13 Bargaining Committee

Tonya Moore - Staff Rep D1

John Petrini – Staff Rep D2-13

Julie Daloisio - Local 13500

Keri Evinson - Local 1400

Katie Montalbano - Local 1298

Esther Almodovar - Local 1298

Kevin Dowd - Local 1298

Willie Prall - Local 1025