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Today, Wednesday, August 1st, AT&T Mobility has declared a surplus of all 2,069 Sales Support Representatives in all four Regional Collective Bargaining Agreements. 

In our new contract, CWA Local 1298 members have an Employment Security Commitment (ESC) Agreement that says the Company commits to make a job offer to all who are surplussed on the listed titles. The Sales Support Representative title is being eliminated.

We have gotten additional commitments from AT&T, above and beyond the contract language, to agree to offer ALL SSRs a Retail Sales Consultant (RSC) job at their current store location, testing requirements will be waived, and all SSRs will be pay protected for 1-year (meaning they will continue to receive SSR pay).

This is the process shared by the company:

  1. Effective Wednesday, August 1st, the surplus will be declared. Each SSR will meet with their mangers on this day and will get the information in an email following the meeting with their manager. The SSRs will be told that they are guaranteed an RSC job in the store where they currently work. As of August 1st, the Company will place an indicator that lets the hiring managers and the on-line jobs system recognize that the employee is in surplus status.
  1. The surplus employees may immediately begin applying for jobs other than RSC. Labor Relations is compiling a list of job openings in the areas where there are call centers, but all employees currently have access to view job postings.
  1. Approximately 15 days after the surplus announcement, AT&T will formally offer the guaranteed job - which in this case is the RSC job - at the store where they work, to every SSR. They expect this to be August 17th.  The SSRs will have until August 20th to accept or decline the RSC job offer.
  1. If they accept the job, they will be moved over to the RSC title effective September 16, 2018. Pay transition will be done according to the CBA they work under. In our contract, RSC is a downgrade, so SSRs will be pay protected for 1 year. As a new RSC, they will also be under the new hire ramp-up period of the Sales Commission plan.
  1. Everyone will get the standard 10-day self-paced RSC new hire training in the store.
  1. Time on title requirements in the RSC position will be waived for SSRs who accept the guaranteed job.
  1. If an SSR declines the RSC job and chooses to leave with their severance pay, they can opt to leave September 30th or stay until October 30th.
  1. If an SSR declines the RSC job, but still hopes to stay on in another title, they may continue to apply for other jobs up until October 30th, at which point they will be leaving with a severance if they have not secured another job by then.
  1. We are still waiting for the company to let us know how quota adjustments will be made for the stores who gain an RSC mid-month in September.

Please contact your Steward, Chief Steward, Business Agent or Vice President with any questions you may have about the process.