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CWA appreciates the work of PURA staff and commissioners and the other intervenors in this proceeding, including the Office of the Attorney General, and the Office of the Consumer Counsel, in reviewing Frontier's Plan of Reorganization.

Today's decision commits Frontier to expanding its fiber footprint and provides additional protections for Frontier technicians and customer service representatives who are necessary to improving service in Connecticut.

However, we believe this was a missed opportunity to follow the lead of other states who have put stronger conditions on Frontier related to capital investment, broadband deployment and workforce retention.

CWA remains committed to working with Frontier to provide the best possible service to Connecticut customers and to ensure that Frontier lives up to both the letter and spirit of this decision. We hope that this decision will serve as a starting point for Frontier's continued investment and that Frontier makes a strong, ongoing commitment to Connecticut homes and businesses to provide Connecticut with the connectivity we deserve.