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We know our members are angry about possible future restrictions on receiving our pensions in the form of a lump sum payment, this can happen if the IRS approves Frontier's request for a Pension Funding Waiver. And of course Frontier did not properly notify the union about this request before reaching out to our members. We must speak out and do what we do best, mobilize! We should be using our mobilization structures to get the word out. This is a National Frontier Mobilization. Information will be provided through our mobilization structure.Please contact your steward for more information.

We will also be mobilizing to get the Senate to pass the HEROES Act. Information will be passed through the mobilization structure as well.

We Must Pass the HEROES Act to Provide Funding for State and Local Governments And Relief to Workers During COVID-19.

The next Federal COVID relief package, the HEROES Act, which the House of Representatives passed back in May, is stuck in the Senate.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stalled the bill because he opposes extending unemployment protections and aid for State and Local Governments. Instead he wants to focus on protecting employers from being sued for putting workers and customers at risk. Mitch McConnell's proposal includes $0 for state and local governments!

With State budgets facing billions in deficits and no help from the Federal Government, States will be forced to cut their budgets and tens of thousands of public sector jobs in District 1 and vital services that our firefighters and teachers provide are threatened with furloughs, layoffs and cuts. We're already seeing teachers in NYS being laid off by the hundreds and NYC Mayor De Blasio threatening public sector layoffs. This is not acceptable. We have to push back!