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Yesterday, we received news that the judge overseeing the Frontier bankruptcy case approved nearly $38 million in bonuses for Frontier executives, this is DISGRACEFUL. These are the very same "managers" who ran operations into the ground leading to the current bankruptcy. Frontier will only come out of this bankruptcy successfully by listening to their employees, correcting the issues of a failed investment in our robust fiber network, and eliminating third-party vendors who disappoint customers daily.

Take action now by clicking here to ask your elected leaders to support new bipartisan legislation to address this crisis.


These managers have not responded to five years' worth of complaints from the employees and customers at Frontier. This bonus package is intended to keep experienced management from leaving Frontier, but they've clearly proven they are incapable of leading Frontier out of this crisis. I say let them go!!


Frontier could be Connecticut's leading internet provider, but only through the engagement of the rank and file - not these failed leaders. We have been a successful, profitable company for decades. Frontier has ruined our company and we cannot continue to allow corporate greed to thrive any longer.


I am asking all members to contact their elected leaders and ask them to co-sponsor HR 1557 "No Bonuses in Bankruptcy Act". This act would prohibit the payment of bonuses to highly compensated executives during a bankruptcy. It's outrageous that a company can file for bankruptcy, put our livelihoods at risk, all while paying millions of dollars in bonuses to the very management folks that put us in this mess. 




Send an email to your member of Congress to ask them to support the "No Bonuses in Bankruptcy Act"


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