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No union, no business, no organization can thrive in the 21st Century if it fails to embrace the diversity of its members or workers. At CWA, our differences make us stronger. When the larger community sees us fighting for fairness - not just for ourselves but also for all people - they see themselves reflected in our own Unions membership.

Labor Unions have long been on the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement. In the early 1970s, CWA formed the National Committee on Equity. We have marched, we have worked on legislation and we have fought hard against discrimination.

Now, our mission has broadened. Our fight for civil rights and civil liberties is still as much a fight today as it was in the 70's. Discrimination in any form - race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disabilities or appearance - has no place in our society; and, the popular idea of "tolerance" is not much better. Tolerating someone's differences is a far cry from respecting them, and anything less isn't good enough. By our words, our actions and our own example, we can lead the way to genuine unity in our workplace, our communities and our nation.

The Local 1298 Committee on Equity has big plans for 2019. We will be presenting a series of free workshops available to our members in an effort to educate and cultivate a safe space to discuss sensitive issues open and honestly. Each quarter will focus on a different topic which we will repeat throughout the State to allow everyone a chance to attend.

Implict Bias Training