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I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.  

This past year has been absolutely amazing!We have so many members who have opted in to participate on our various committees. I am so proud of how they have really stepped into important roles.The opportunities for further member involvement in our union will continue as we prepare for contract negotiations next year with Frontier. We did outstanding political work this year and many labor friendly candidates were elected because of our hard work, representing our labor issues.  

Our stewards and chief stewards have done great work this year for our members complementing the tireless efforts of the Business Agents and Vice Presidents. A personal favorite moment was the CWA Local 1298 union picnic which was a huge hit with many members and their families.  

We had several very successful training classes for members and union representatives. I am grateful for having a solid year of teamwork by the Executive Board and Business Agents.

We will be off to another great year in January and you could not have a more engaged group of people involved at so many levels to take on the challenge that collective bargaining brings in a contract year. We are ready to do our part. So take a well-deserved break over the next week or so and enjoy time with your families and friends. Be safe and be smart. I wish you all the very best.