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On behalf of the CWA Local 1298 Executive Board, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, happy holiday, and a joyous New Year! Although this year may be a different experience for most of us, try to enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends while being safe. Make wise choices as you venture out to visit family or enjoy a virtual visit. Let us not forget that our collective work along with our brothers and sisters who fought and bargained before us is what has earned us paid holidays to enjoy with our family. Collective action through unions is still the most powerful force working for the betterment of working families. Every day we see evidence that union action can protect workers and make our lives better. Always remember that we may have differences of opinions of many things in our Union but the solidarity and commitment to support each other when push comes to shove is what makes us brothers and sisters. This Executive Board realizes the trust you have placed in us to fight for your rights and will always strive to raise all workers up and fight together against corporate greed. As we look ahead to the challenges of 2021 let's hope they are less than the year 2020 brought us.