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I have some great news to share, thanks to all the calls and messages sent by our members, Connecticut legislators have passed legislation that benefits all Connecticut call center workers. This legislation is a major victory for our most vulnerable titles and represents multiple years  of partnering with labor friendly legislators to fight for our members.


This legislation establishes notice requirements for call centers that relocate out-of-state and making them ineligible to receive state financial support for five years after the relocation. It also requires them to remit the value of any state financial support they received over the previous five years.

I want to thank the Labor Committee chairs, Representative Robyn Porter and Senator Julie Kushner for being champions of this legislation as well as many other legislators who were supportive and voted to pass this legislation. I would also like to thank our CWA lobbyists Noreen Bennett and Jim Case for their work lobbying on our behalf. They worked on promoting other labor friendly legislation and fending off anti-worker legislation as well.

I also would like to mention that the calls and messages to legislators related One Touch Make Ready (OTMR) were heard loud and clear. Language related to OTMR was eliminated from the Governor's broadband bill. Unfortunately, PURA has opened a docket to explore the use of OTMR. We are working with the national union to fight OTMR and I will have more to report as the docket moves forward.