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As we are in the midst of trying to navigate through this global pandemic, there are clear signs that a bankruptcy at Frontier is looming in the very near future. CWA at the national level is monitoring the situation and is prepared to help CWA Frontier members at every local throughout the country. Once Frontier actually files for bankruptcy, CWA is prepared and will be working directly with the locals to support us through whatever effects this has on us.

Additionally, we have seen that Frontier has been managing their way through this pandemic to the best of their abilities, which equates to them following minimum standards. This is definitely not acceptable! We all must make the best decisions for ourselves and our family's safety at work as well as at home. These decisions are based on everyone's own personal concerns, not a corporate decision.

Our Plant VP's Chuck Borchert and Dan Coffin have made it very clear to their members on the frontline that your personal health and concerns for safety need to be reported to your manager. OSHA worker safety guidelines are not optional for Frontier. Most of our members in other departments that have inside jobs are already working from home. Those who are still at work need to follow social distancing as well as all prevention measures recommended by the CDC.

If you are concerned that you or any of your family members may have been exposed to the virus, whether on the job or in any other setting, you must contact your own personal health care provider to present the scenario and follow the providers recommendations. I'm sure there will be many grievances related to pay and coding of absences after this pandemic passes, and we will address each and every case. It is unfortunate that Frontier is not taking a "better safe than sorry approach" instead of following the minimal CDC guidelines and risking our safety by refusing to go above and beyond like many responsible employers in our industry.