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Local 1298 has continued to meet with Frontier in an effort to get our members a fair and equitable contract. We met today and will meet again in the morning.

We heard today like many of you did, that CWA in California went on strike. What we know so far is that it is a grievance strike, not sure what exact titles are involved, or the duration. As we get details, we will share. Check out our Facebook page CWA Local 1298 for updates as well!

Also today IBEW Local 363 members in New York rejected a tentative agreement presented to them with Frontier. We will share more info as it becomes available.

Remember, when WE FIGHT, WE WIN!

-Frontier Bargaining Committee

  • Tonya Hodges - Chair - D1 Staff Rep                                              
  • Dave Weidlich – Co-Chair President
  • Louise Gibson - Secretary-Treasurer
  • Katie Montalbano - CM VP                                     
  • Chuck Borchert - Plant 1 VP                                   
  • Dan Coffin - Plant 2 VP                                           
  • Frank Oliva - HQ VP      
  • Esther Almodovar - CM Business Agent
  • Michael Ciscar - Plant 1 Business Agent
  • David Voyak - Plant 2 Business Agent
  • Diane Vieira – HQ Business Agent