Date Posted

The bargaining committee has been working all day in our efforts to achieve an agreement. We are very close and WILL NOT be going on strike at midnight. We will be working through the weekend to reach a full tentative agreement. As soon as information becomes available we will share it with you.

Through this process we have stood strong with our Sisters and Brothers in New York and will continue to do so until we all have fair and just agreements. We stand in Solidarity across District 1!

Thank you very much to all of our chief stewards, stewards and members. We were able to make this progress because of your outstanding mobilization efforts!

-Frontier Bargaining Committee

  • Tonya Hodges - Chair - D1 Staff Rep                                              
  • Dave Weidlich – Co-Chair President
  • Louise Gibson - Secretary-Treasurer
  • Katie Montalbano - CM VP                                     
  • Chuck Borchert - Plant 1 VP                                   
  • Dan Coffin - Plant 2 VP                                           
  • Frank Oliva - HQ VP      
  • Esther Almodovar - CM Business Agent
  • Michael Ciscar - Plant 1 Business Agent
  • David Voyak - Plant 2 Business Agent
  • Diane Vieira – HQ Business Agent