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Todays bargaining certainly did not lead us to believe that Frontier is looking to work with us to reach an agreement this week. We did discuss proposals concerning vacation selection and scheduling language in Plant, Leverage title compensation for C&M and WAH for inside titles. We still have issues that need to be addressed on all of our proposals and have yet to reach any tentative agreements. Our strike preparation training is continuing throughout this week with our Chiefs and Stewards so that IF we make the decision to walk off the job we are fully prepared. We have also made plans to have an “event” on Friday in downtown Hartford to let the public know how frustrated we are. We will be sharing the details with the Chief Stewards tomorrow so reach out if you would like to join in the fun.

Remember, when WE FIGHT, WE WIN

-Frontier Bargaining Committee

  • Tonya Hodges - Chair - D1 Staff Rep                                              
  • Dave Weidlich – Co-Chair President
  • Louise Gibson - Secretary-Treasurer
  • Katie Montalbano - CM VP                                     
  • Chuck Borchert - Plant 1 VP                                   
  • Dan Coffin - Plant 2 VP                                           
  • Frank Oliva - HQ VP      
  • Esther Almodovar - CM Business Agent
  • Michael Ciscar - Plant 1 Business Agent
  • David Voyak - Plant 2 Business Agent
  • Diane Vieira – HQ Business Agent