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December 13, 2017 To: CWA Local 1298 Membership                                                   From: CWA Local 1298 Election Committee Re: Election Results   To All Members:   The American Arbitration Association has completed its tally of the CWA Local 1298 Executive Board election. A total of 1497 ballots were returned. The election results are as follows:   President       M DiNicholas: 585        D Weidlich: 900         void/blank: 6         Secretary-Treasurer     M Duffy: 739        L Gibson: 739   void/blank: 13          Absent a challenge to the election, the tentative certification shall become final in 10 days. There was a tie for Secretary-Treasurer which will require another election to be held. We will be setting up a timeline and will post those details to the website.       Thank you,                                                                     CWA Local 1298 Election Committee                                                 Steve Cohen          Gina Thomas       Tom Lozott