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The General Assembly’s Manufacturing Caucus held an informational public hearing on Tuesday. Led by Senator Joan Hartley and Representative Caroline Simmons, the bipartisan group of lawmakers works to identi-fy, develop and enact legislation that promotes Connecticut manufacturing. It is a growing sector in the state’s economy, creating good-paying jobs and supplying parts and products worldwide. Manufacturers have called on the General Assembly in recent years to improve, update and augment advanced manufacturing job training programs to help to fill vacancies in vari-

Legislators heard from newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Labor Dante Bartolomeo and Department of Labor Apprenticeship Manager Todd Berch about efforts to expand and customize job training programs to meet the high-demand for skilled manufacturing workers. Later, several small and mid-size manufacturers spoke to caucus members, informing them of how the General Assembly can help them continue to grow and

Proposals presented during the informational hearing are expected to be presented and considered by the Commerce Committee.