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Our 7 Community Services Fund Chair members as well as myself acting as Executive Board liaison, will be hosting our first CSF Virtual Drive. As we continue to shift gears and how we handle meetings during the pandemic, we wanted to host this very important meeting virtually. Most of us have been extremely fortunate during this pandemic to have maintained our jobs and paychecks. There are others in our communities that have not. The need is GREAT at our local foodbanks and shelters as many families are struggling with food insecurity and simply putting a meal on the table for their children.


It all started in 1940 in Connecticut when......

Outside Telephone technicians were working in their community and saw a need they wanted to fulfill.  After discussing what saw it, it was decided to take a collection amongst them. Other employees and their managers liked what they were doing and wanted to be part of this also.  That is how the Community Services Fund was founded, and today we the employees, bargaining unit and management, are continuing with this tradition of community service at Frontier.


What is the Community Services Fund

The CSF is the employee charitable program which administers and distributes contributions received through payroll deductions to local non-profit health and social welfare service organizations. 

Currently we have seven local CSF's acting on behalf the employees who can designate their contributions to one of the 7 regional agencies of their choice.  CSF Committee members consist of both management and union members who direct funds to specific community non-profit 501c3 agencies based on the needs in our community.


Why give to CSF?

Telephone employees have a legacy of giving to CSF.  Many of our families use organizations that are assisted by CSF.  CSF is a volunteer non-profit organization involved in community projects where you work and live.  Each region conducts a review process of all organizations that receive CSF funds. All employee donations are redistributed to community organizations and there are virtually no overhead costs. 


What type of organizations receive CSF funding

Some examples of past CSF contributions include CT Food Bank, American Cancer Society, Juvenile Diabetes, Local YMCA Camperships,  SARAH, Junior Achievement,  to name a few.  A list of organizations supported by each CSF is available through your CSF committee.


You generosity is appreciated, regardless of the amount of your gift. Your donations given regularly through payroll deductions add up to major dividends for those in need. The minimum payroll deduction per pay period is $1 for fixed amount payroll deductions.


Please join us for our "CSF Virtual Drive" on Thursday March 25, 2021 at 6:30PM For Zoom link email Secretary-Treasurer Louise Gibson We will be doing raffles for new sign ups as well as increased giving amounts!


In Solidarity!

CSF Committee Chairs

Berkshire Region- John Meeker

Capitol Region- Michael Lepore

Central Region- Rich Quigley, Elisa Zovich

Gateway Region- Howard Coling

Eastern Region- Tom Berube

Headquarters Region- Gina Thomas

Southern Region- Carmen Febles

Committee Liaison- Louise Gibson

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