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·        Coverage for Basic CarePlus treatment and services continue to require pre-approval and is available only if the services are excluded from coverage under the participant’s comprehensive medical plan and approved by the CarePlus claims administrator. ·        As of January 1, 2014 AT&T will adopt an expanded definition of services to be included under the CarePlus Supplemental Medical Plan. The first benefit to be added under this expanded definition will be for hearing aids. o   Hearing Aid Benefit:   Reimbursement of up to $1,000 of Eligible Expenses in Benefits for hearing aids for routine hearing loss during any rolling 36-month period beginning on the first date of purchase. o   Reimbursement covers ONLY the hearing aid appliance itself and does not cover diagnostic or routine hearing exams, appliance repairs, or replacement batteries. o   Patients must exhaust ALL medical hearing benefits in order to utilize this supplemental benefit. If a patient has no other coverage to exhaust then the hearing aid must be determined to be “medically necessary” as defined by an audiologist. For a list of covered services please click here