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The Government Shutdown is now at a record length of 35 days and sadly there seems like there is no end in sight. While the politicians fight about what it will take to re-open the government, 800,000 federal employees are either locked out or are being required to work without receiving pay. Across the state and the country, federal workers have held rallies and informational pickets to try and pressure our legislators to come to an agreement that puts these men and women back to work. Now, these 800,000 locked out families need your help to pressure Congress to re-open the government. We are asking every member to call your Senator and Congressional member and demand that they re-open the government.

Today also marks the second paycheck that many federal workers missed. For others, like the Coast Guard, today marked the first pay day without a check. The AFL-CIO is working with partners like the United Way to direct federal employees to food banks in their local area. However with so many people needing help, food banks are concerned about shortages. Please consider donating to a local food bank to ensure that their shelves stay stocked during this shutdown.  

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