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A Message from CWA 1298 President Dave Weidlich 

AT&T in District 3 has gone out on an Unfair Labor Practice Strike, this affects many states, but in particular GA and TN, where much of the work from the CT Medway center has transitioned.

Because CT shares some of the work with much of District 3, we must be vigilant and watch the work that we are and will be doing here in CT.

We must be sure that we are not doing struck work, and have a virtual picket line. If CT techs start to see an influx of work or work that we have moved out of state and started to receive again, this is most likely struck work and we should not be doing that work.

If management here in CT or anyplace else is telling CT employees to do the work that is questionable, please contact your steward or your Chief Steward John Viatkus, BA Mike Ciscar or Plant 1 VP Charles Borchert at CWA 1298 Headquarters, Thank You.