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The wealthiest 1% and Corporate CEOs have ramped up their attack against the For the People Act (HR1). Already, corporate interest groups are pressuring Congress to ensure the bill goes nowhere. They want to continue rigging the system in their favor and taking away power from working people, while they fill their pockets with taxpayers' money. That's why they're so afraid of HR1: it will bring power back to working people and make a difference in our lives. There's nothing billionaires and wealthy CEOs fear more than an empowered working class!


The same corporate interests that fight us at the bargaining table are stacking the rules against us when it comes to political participation. They have put restrictions in place that make it harder for people to vote, they've flooded elections with money, and they've weakened the rules so corrupt public officials can profit from their public service.

As you read this email, Congress is reviewing HR1. We can no longer allow the wealthiest 1% and Corporate CEOs to have control over our electoral system. They have gone way too far, and it's time to do something about it.Click here to ask your member of Congress to support the For the People Act to ensure a fair and functioning democracy for us all.

The new Congressional leadership promised to make reform a top priority. The For the People Act is the first major piece of legislation they are considering this year. The bill would:

  • Make it easier, not harder, to vote by restoring the Voting Rights Act, implementing national voter registration, expanding early voting and ending gerrymandering.
  • Get big money out of our democracy by regulating big money in politics like Super PACS, requiring all political organizations to disclose their donors, and building a campaign finance system to increase and multiply the power of small donors.
  • Ensure public officials work for the public interest by expanding conflict of interest law, strengthening oversight of lobbyists, and more.

If those sound like changes we need to make, contact your member of Congress and urge them to support HR1. Click here to take action.