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The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) are currently in negotiations with Stop & Shop. These negotiations will affect over 30,000 members. The company is currently under funding the pension for its employees.

Furthermore, the company is proposing the elimination of time and a half on Sundays; refusing any wage increases of significance; threatening to eliminate health coverage for spouses; and eliminating the entire part- time benefit plan.

We are issuing a call to action to support the workers of UFCW. We are asking for 1298 members to start showing their support immediately by attending one of the picket lines listed below on March 8, 2019, so, that we can make the maximum impact across Connecticut.

We shall show companies that a harm to one is a harm to all. This negotiation is not merely for a contract with 30,000 members.  They are negotiating a contract with the labor community.  The Labor Community operates under the credence of Be Union, Buy Union, and Build Union.  We will take all necessary steps to secure a fair contract for our labor Brothers and Sisters.

We Shall lift our Voices and Stand in Unity with members of UFCW.

Stand in Solidarity with the workers of UFCW at one of the below locations:

Waterbury (6pm):  

Stop & Shop

240 Chase Avenue

Waterbury, Connecticut

Volunteers will gather at Webster bank (5 Wigwam Avenue, Waterbury, CT) and walk over to Stop & Shop. 

Danbury (4:30pm to 6:30pm): 

Stop & Shop

72 Newtown Road

Danbury, Connecticut

located across the street from Popeye's Restaurant.

West Hartford (6pm):

1235 Farmington Avenue

West Hartford, Connecticut

Windsor (6pm):

1095 Kennedy Road

Windsor, Connecticut 

***Stay tuned for additional location & times***

Please utilize this link for an update on additional locations.