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A Message from the CWA 1298 Civil Rights and Equity Committee


The Labor movement by nature is a human rights movement. The current events and tragedies happening across our Country are not new they are just becoming more visible and we need to work to ensure they are no longer tolerated. We cannot be neutral, we must continue our work to speak up, demand change and take action in times like these. The CWA 1298 Equity Committee's goal is to bring about awareness of current social issues and create new activists. We strive to arm our members with the information, structure, tools, and messaging to educate and fight back. CWA and its members have the power to effect positive change for all workers. The Equity committee will be hosting several online events this month and we implore you to attend, details will follow in the coming days. In the meantime, please see below for ways you can begin to take action now.


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