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he CWA Constitution requires a Strike Authorization Vote from members before a strike can be called. If a majority of members at Frontier vote "Yes," the CWA Executive Board is authorized to call a strike should this become necessary.


CWA Local 1298 will conduct a vote of its membership on September 30th through October 2nd at all locations. Strike authorization votes cannot be completed on company property or on company time. Please look for your Steward or Chief Steward set up just outside of your work locations. Please vote before or after your shift or during your lunch. We will return the results by October 4th, 2019. The final results will be announced to the membership via the CWA website If you have any additional questions on this process, please call Union HQ at 203-288-5271.


A strong strike authorization vote lets Frontier management know our members are ready to do what it takes to get a good contract. It gives the Union Bargaining Committee the support they need at the bargaining table when Frontier is resistant to our demands. Without a strong strike vote, we are sending our Bargaining Committee to do a job without any back-up. A weak vote is a signal to Frontier management that we are willing to take whatever they give us.


Does a strong strike vote increase the chance we will actually go on strike?

No, in fact the stronger the vote is, the LESS likely we will actually need to go on strike because it shows the company we are united.

A strong strike vote is just one important element in bargaining with Frontier. Another tool which will help us get the best contract we can is a strong Mobilization effort. Your participation in Mobilization is a clear signal to Frontier management that you understand the issues; you are in support of the Union and willing to act to show that support.


In Solidarity, your Bargaining Committee,

Dave Weidlich- President

Tonya Hodges - CWA District 1 Staff Rep.       

Louise Gibson- Secretary-Treasurer

Katie Montalbano- VP Commercial & Marketing

Frank Oliva- VP Headquarters

Chuck Borchert- VP Plant 1

Dan Coffin- VP Plant 2

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