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On Labor Day, we celebrate the worker. The men and women that make our country run, keep our phones on and our internet running. For many, the first Monday in September represents a well deserved day off. Maybe you spend it at the beach, taking part in the Labor Day run, or trying to stretch out the last few minutes with your kids before they head back to school. While you are doing that, I ask that all of our members take a few minutes this weekend to remember the hard work that we celebrate on Labor Day. Things that we take for granted, like a 40-hour work week, overtime pay, sick days and a retirement plan were not given to us by benevolent CEO's. They were fought for an negotiated by men and women like yourselves. Unions like the CWA walked picket lines and fought for the right to collectively bargain and have refused givebacks to wealthy executives. It is thanks to a strong union movement that a job with the phone company pays a decent wage that you can support your family on.

This weekend, please take a moment to talk to your family and friends about the true meaning of the holiday and the importance of continuing to have a strong union movement. Happy Labor Day Local 1298.