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CWA Local 1298 as an organization is all about labor and promoting and fighting for issues that are in the best interest of our great organization. Labor unions are under attack by Corporate America and individuals who do not believe in organizing and collective bargaining. Unions built the foundation for the middle class. Our predecessors fought hard and, in some cases, lost their lives for our right to organize and collectively bargain. Today we are faced with constant attacks from lawmakers and the wealthiest people in America. The CWA triangle represents organizing, community and political action as well as bargaining and representation. The reason we engage our members politically is to fight these attacks by electing candidates who fight for our rights and who do not create laws to hurt our cause. We have one of the best collective bargaining agreements in our industry and we will fight to keep it that way.  

We achieved our contract with the help of candidates who stood with us, and by electing candidates that pledge to support the sisters and brothers of our union to preserve our rights, not take them away. I respect opinions that are different on both sides of any argument if they are respectful and not filled with hate and divisiveness. We are a family of union members working for the betterment of our organization.   


So please get out and vote, your future depends on your vote!


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