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I am very happy to announce that CWA endorsed candidates Saud Anwar SD 3, Derek Slap SD 5, and Anthony Nolan HD 39 were all successful in their efforts to become elected leaders in our state. Thank you to all of those who pitched in to get these labor friendly candidates elected.

We were also able to give public testimony at our state capital opposing raised Senate Bill 846 .... AN ACT CONCERNING THE MUNICIPAL GAIN, THE PREPARATION OF UTILITY POLES AND ENTERPRISE FUNDS FOR MUNICIPAL BROADBAND SERVICES. To specify that the municipal gain may be used to provide broadband Internet service, to require the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority to adopt regulations for the process for public utility pole attachments and to allow municipalities to establish and administer enterprise funds for the use, operation and management of municipal broadband services.

I am excited to announce the raising of Senate Bill 990, An Act Concerning Call Centers and Notice of Closure. We need new efforts that put CT workers first, add new levels of accountability to the offshoring process, and ensure that our taxpayer dollars are not rewarding companies who are actively eliminating good jobs in our state. This bill ends grants, loans, tax benefits and state contracts for companies that shift customer service jobs out of the state or to a foreign country.

We will be engaging members to work on both of these bills with their representatives.

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