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The Tyszka Scholarship supports a college student whose goals are to promote social change. It was created to honor Bill and Marilyn Tyszka who spent decades building union strength and working toward a more just society. Their belief in the power of ordinary people to develop more just and humane organizations, and an America true to its most noble ideals, energized colleagues and friends throughout their working lives and in their “retirement”. After retiring, they were instrumental in creating the 4Cs retirees' chapter, serving as elected leaders for many years, and were Board members of the AFSCME retirees chapter. This scholarship will assist students who wish to continue work on the causes which they cared so deeply about. The document is attached below.

November 6. 20 17

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

You may remember that in June. I contacted you about a scholarship program for our limited-residence Union Leadership and Activism (ULA) Master's program. The program was successful beyond our expectations. as we enthusiastically welcomed one of the most diver se incoming classes we have seen. We are excited to announce that we have renewed the se scholarships for new students star ting in January 2018.

But, we need your help getting the word out to your members. We designed the ULA program especially for union officers. staff, and activists who want to enhance their expertise in organizing. collective bargaining, strategic corporate research, and other crucial skills for today's labor movement. This limited residency option allows them to earn a graduate degree in Labor Studies while working full -time. These scholarships allow new, qualifying students to begin our ULA program this January 7-17. The scholarships cover all tuition costs ($3.628) for up to ten (10) new students.

This is a special opportunity to begin the program at a substantially reduced cost. Scholarship recipients need only cover their travel expenses and our modest meal/facility charge. The enclosed newsletter profiles our program and our students. We hope that you can u se this information when communicating to your members about our program. Additional information is available on our website at I would like to ensure that your members know about this extraordinary opportunity. Please, email me at or call me at (413) 545-5986, so we can work together to inform your members and so that I can guide them through the application process. Regards and Solidarity.

Tom Juravtch
Interim Director
UMass Labor Center

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