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CWA Local 1298 respects that this is a very sensitive subject for many. The National Union has been in bargaining and doing their best to get us as many options as possible. Frontier is not alone in this mandate, at&t and Verizon have also taken the exact same position that they will require vaccines (even for the WAH employees). Frontier wanted to have a policy in place regardless of the court's decision, but they were willing to put a hold on implementation of any unpaid leave and/or termination of employees who are not vaccinated or have not requested a legally recognized accommodation. Below is an outline of what is and is not on hold right now:



  • The Company is implementing the gathering of information on who is vaccinated and who is not and who will be requesting a legally recognized accommodation. We must comply with this request.
  • By January 4, 2022, All employees must as a condition of employment provide proof of vaccination or be approved or pending review for a legalized accommodation. * The Company will consider extending the deadlines set forth in this Agreement for employees who have lost their proof of vaccination and are making a good faith effort to obtain satisfactory proof of vaccination.
  • Employees must cooperate with the Company in the accommodation process including providing reasonable information related to the request for a legally recognized accommodation. If an employee’s request for a legally recognized accommodation is denied, the employee will be required to get the vaccine as a condition of employment
  • Employees who are unable to get vaccinated during non-work hours will continue to have up to four (4) hours of paid time off available to get their first dose and up to four (4) hours of paid time off available for vaccines requiring a second dose. Absences due to side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine will not be chargeable for attendance administration purposes



  • The implementation of any unpaid leave or termination of employees who are not vaccinated.

So, to be as clear as we can, you DO need to report your vaccination status and/or begin the process of a legally recognized accommodation if you believe you qualify by January 4th. You don’t have to be fully vaccinated yet if you are not. The decision on the requirement and date will be determined and communicated before any action against any employees will be taken.