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The amount of unity and solidarity shown over the last few weeks of Orange Bargaining has been inspiring! Are you still looking for ways to show you’re all in for a fair contract? Below are a few updates and ways you can take action to show the company you’re ALL IN.

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All bargaining reports can be found here, and are shared on our Facebook page. Check out our most recent bargaining report #12 from 3/10 below:

"After a month and a half of bargaining, the Union and Company remain far apart on most major issues. As always, Benefits are at the top of the list. Your Bargaining Team will not let this company get away with providing benefits that are incredibly expensive and continue to shift the burden on to you. As we have said many times already, we are still negotiating issues like scheduling, safety, excessive forced overtime, lack of sales relief and a host of other issues that apply to members in all job titles throughout the Orange Contract. AT&T is a successful and profitable company because of your hard work, and they need to treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve."


Read the rest of the report here.