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Fresh from a bankruptcy bailout and signing a contract with our union, even getting fined millions of dollars for risking public safety, Frontier is at it again - using every chance to divest from Connecticut, break its promises to the union and disregard its customers: all in the name of making a buck. To that, we say no way!

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Frontier is not holding up its end of the bargain. Instead of providing more good-paying union jobs with healthcare and retirement benefits, Frontier has hired hundreds of outside contractors to do our work. Many of these contractors come from out of state and are paid a fraction of what CWA members earn. The state has no oversight of them regarding public safety or quality of work.

Frontier’s reliance on contract labor is a public safety concern. In Connecticut, Frontier was just hit with a $5 million fine for unsafe excavation done by contractors! This comes on top of the recent spill in Florida, where a Frontier contractor caused 500,000 gallons of water to spill. We know that the safety and quality of work in the building trades are overseen by transparency laws -- but broadband, being so newly recognized as “infrastructure,” is not currently subject to the same regulation. With the influx of federal and state funding, Connecticut has a once-in-a-lifetime to build expansive broadband infrastructure, and we need to make sure we build it right. We cannot risk a haphazard broadband build-out by unskilled contractors who lack the training or expertise required, cut corners, and risk safety and quality.

Frontier has even moved most of its executives south to Florida and Texas, leaving only a handful of employees remaining at Frontier’s original headquarters in Norwalk, and truly leaving Connecticut behind. Meanwhile, on the heels of bankruptcy that wiped out billions of dollars owed to creditors, Frontier is paying its new chairman of the board $48.5 million last year - more than any other CT executive of a publicly-traded company.

That isn’t right! And we're fighting back. In the next couple of weeks, we’re rolling out a major campaign to hold Frontier’s feet to the fire on their commitment to Connecticut.We want Frontier to:

●    Stop using contractors and invest in its current union workforce in Connecticut

●    Commit to deploying high-speed fiber-to-the-home to the communities that need it most

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I support CWA’s campaign to fight for good jobs at Frontier

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