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CWA Local 1298 Executive Board and Business Agents met today to formulate questions that will be used for an information request regarding the recent acquisition announcement made by Frontier Communications of Stamford Connecticut and AT&T East Wire line Services.  We also had a conference call with CWA National President Larry Cohen, Vice President Chris Shelton, Assistant to the VP Dennis Trainer and District Representative Pat Telesco, where we discussed our concerns over the purchase of AT&T Wireline and the effects of this purchase on such things as Healthcare, compensation, pension protections and other issues that affect the members of CWA Local 1298.   We are still waiting for AT&T to formally notify the union which jobs they expect to keep at AT&T.  The District is working on acquiring this list, and we hope to have it by the end of the week.  We also scheduled a strategy meeting next week here in Connecticut where we will meet with CWA District 1 Representatives and CWA National representatives who specialize in  Regulatory  and merger acquisitions.  More information to follow.