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As I said in yesterdays Inside Wire email, Frontier continues to put minimum effort into the personal health and safety of our members. Our members health and safety, especially those on the frontlines that are expected to be in and out of customers premises, needs to be taken care of in the same manner as other employers in the industry have done. CWA on a national level is watching what is happening across the country with our members during this pandemic. Below is a letter that our District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor sent to all Local Presidents that represent Frontier members.

Let's send a strong message to Frontier that the health and safety of our members and their families matters!

Send pictures of yourself on the job with a sign saying "I Matter". Or, a picture of your family with a sign saying "My Family Matters" or "We Need Paid Family Leave Now". Your pictures can be sent to your chief steward, business agent or vice president.

Installation Guidance for Frontier Workers

A Message from CWA District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor

Dear Frontier Local Presidents:

As Vice President of District 1 of the Communications Workers of America, my primary goal is to protect our members. Since the onset of this pandemic, I have reached out to all our employers, including Frontier, to put in place measures that will protect members who must

perform essential work. Most employers have cooperated. Frontier, however, has not provided needed Personal Protective Equipment or put into place procedures to make sure that members are working as safely as possible.

CWA has worked with Frontier, and will continue doing so, to protect members and get the work done. However, Frontier has not acted to ensure that members who work directly in people's homes are safe. For that reason, CWA now recommends that Frontier technicians DO

NOT enter customers' homes. Instead:

Pre-screen each customer by calling and asking if anyone at the premise is sick prior to going to the job:

  • If the customer says that someone is sick then immediately refer the job back to the supervisor to be addressed as the situation dictates. Please call your Local Union you believe any supervisor's direction is unsafe.
  • If the customer says that no one is sick then go to the job and complete a soft install by bringing service to the side of the building and providing the customer with materials necessary to install temporary service.
  • Provide the customer with the tech support number;
  • Inform the supervisor that you provided temporary service to the customer;
  • Advise the customer someone will be back to permanently complete the installation or repair after the declared National and Local States of Emergency have ended.

  • If the customer does not have dial tone or 911 Service, and you believe it is unsafe for you to enter the home, contact your supervisor. Call your Local Union if the supervisor gives you a directive that you feel is unsafe.

Click here to download the letter.