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As a result of member participation in our national pension mobilization last week, locals in California brought to the district's attention instances of incorrect pension estimates.  Follow-up done by CWA's staff revealed that Milliman is not counting Disability, Workers Compensation and Union Time as part of the calculation towards credited service under the pension plan. This appears to be a violation of Frontier California's CBA.

The traditional pension plan that applies to CWA Local 1298 members hired prior to 8/8/2009 includes a Pension Credit Table that uses your current yearly salary as well as completed years of service (NCSD) to determine your "Pay Credit Amount". Please verify from the chart what your Pay Credit Amount should be, then call Milliman at 866-333-2074 and ask them to verify your pay credit amount that is in their system. Be sure that they are showing you as having the correct amount of years of service.

There are 2 pension plans that apply to CWA Local 1298 members and they are based on your date of hire, hired prior to 8/8/2009 and hired after 8/8/2009

To access the Pension Plan for members hired PRIOR to 8/8/2009, click here Frontier Pension

To access the Pension Plan for members hired AFTER 8/8/2009, click here Frontier_bcb2


Please be sure that you are looking at the correct plan.


This can be confusing so if you have any questions, feel free to contact Secretary-Treasurer Louise Gibson at