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On November 11th, we honor the men and women who served our country in the Armed Forces. Throughout the history of our nation, these veterans have stepped up to answer the call to defend our freedom.

This year is a special one for our veterans as we have ended the longest-running war in United States history. We thank all of those who served in Afghanistan for your dedication and service to defending our nation after the brutal attacks on our country during 9/11.

Nationally more than 1 million union members are veterans. They play a vital role in our movement and hold positions in our unions that range from entry-level positions to national union Presidents. The AFL-CIO has even established a Union Veterans Council to work on issues that affect union veterans. CWA 1298 also has a Veterans Committee. We encourage all of our Veterans to join.

Thank you to all of the Local 1298 members who have served our nation.