Date Posted

The 2021 CWA Local 1298/Frontier Tentative Agreement was ratified 2/23/2022 and below explains how the first 2 wage increases will be handled.

  • 2% wage increase retro to 10/17/2021 will be paid out in the 4/1/2022 paycheck


  • 1.5% wage increase effective 4/17/2022 will be paid out in the 5/13/2022 paycheck

This allows enough time for Frontier to get these done accurately and show correctly on the paychecks. In previous wage increases we saw a positive amount as well as a negative amount and that was very confusing to our members. These dates will keep that from happening. This is a Frontier payroll system issue.

We have also posted all of the new Wage Scales on our website from the top of the main page click on Benefits, then Frontier Benefits, and there you will see a section for “Wage Scales for 2021-2024”