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CWA Local 1298 has been pushing back on this issue for over two weeks, and finally Frontier has updated their process of serving their customers while minimizing the risks of exposure to our members at the customers premise. Our CWA National President Chris Shelton supported the efforts of the CWA Vice Presidents to make this happen. Our District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor worked over the weekend to get the company to move on this issue, which included having two calls with District 1 Local Presidents to hear our concerns. Finally at 9pm last night, Frontier sent out an updated procedure to help protect our frontline members.

We are continuing to address the issues surrounding workplace cleanings as well as the processes used to make work locations safe after a suspected exposure to the virus by an employee. Still pressing is the need for "immediate notification" from Frontier when there is a positive test of an employee in the workplace. We will continue to escalate these issues as they are very important safety concerns impacting our members.

Remember, if you believe that you have been exposed to the virus either by someone you work with or a person that works at your work location, contact your own health care provider for advice on what steps need to be taken. This is your health and no one except your health care provider should be giving you guidance on your wellbeing!