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Sisters and Brothers,

Your CWA/Frontier Bargaining Committee is pleased to announce, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, that we have reached a Tentative Agreement with Frontier. The following is a summary of the changes in the 2021 Frontier/CWA Tentative Agreement (TA). A full package will be provided prior to the contract explanation meeting, which will be scheduled on Zoom in accordance with our by-law requirements of notice to the membership. Over the past several months, the Bargaining Committee fought hard to get everything our members deserve. As always, we prioritized and successfully maintained Job Security with a Guaranteed Job Offer as well as our Call Center protection agreement for the life of the contract. We also achieved the elimination of two-tier work rule carve outs and medical costs. We successfully negotiated contract language gaining post-employment retiree healthcare with a bridge to Medicare (age 65). We gained significant wage increases and improvements to the commission plans for Leverage title members. Lastly, we successfully negotiated the framework to allow for work at home with work location protections, as well as scheduling improvements for the Plant department. 


We would like to thank our members for their recent mobilization efforts. These efforts helped move negotiations in a meaningful way, allowing us to reach a fair and just contract. We appreciate your solidarity and patience during this round of bargaining, as our strength at the table was fueled by your support. Please stay informed by visiting our website in the next few days to get information on our upcoming contract explanation meeting and the contract ratification process. Your Bargaining Committee unanimously recommends ratification of this tentative agreement.


Below is a summary of the agreement:

  • 3-year agreement
  • Maintained Article 7 and Guaranteed Job Offer for all active employees
  • Maintained Call Center protection (No closing of centers for life of the contract)
  • Future Work At Home language to allow for post emergency WAH agreement (with work location protections)
  • Continue existing pension plans and 401k match for all active employees
  • Elimination of two-tier medical plans
  • Elimination of all SST carveouts (elimination of all previous appendix F language)
  • Improved scheduling language for Plant
  • Improved Leverage Title commission contract language
  • Retiree healthcare with a bridge to Medicare (age 65)
  • 9% general wage increase over the life of the contract (with retroactive wages to October 2021)
  • Tech Assist ONE wage upgrade correction
  • Continuation of all other current agreements

In solidarity,

Tonya Hodges – Chair                                          Dave Weidlich – President

Louise Gibson – Secretary-Treasurer                 Katie Montalbano – Vice President C&M

Chuck Borchert – Vice President Plant 1           Dan Coffin – Vice President Plant 2

Frank Oliva – Vice President Headquarters       Esther Almodovar – B.A. C&M

Diane Vieira – B.A. Headquarters                        Michael Ciscar – B.A. Plant 1

David Voyak – B.A. Plant 2