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The Union will be meeting  Thursday, with Randy Barber and Attorney  Scott Rubin who previously represented our local at the DPUC with regards to the standards of service for AT&T.  Also expected to be in attendance are District 1 Attorney Atul Talwar and Assistant to the Vice President Dennis Trainer.  Discussions will include, pension protections, healthcare, regulatory and other matters  that affect our members..   It is too premature for the union to have any answers at this time, but be assured that we will communicate as soon as we do have information.  Although the AT&T  managers have explained to some members that their work will be staying with AT&T, we are still waiting for the AT&T to provide the union with the list of jobs that they plan on keeping.   Many members are very concerned over their pensions and have voiced their anxiety over whether they should retire while still employed with AT&T.   Although it is premature to make any decisions until we have answers, it is recommended that any all employees go to the Fidelity website or call Fidelity at 1800-416-2363 and request your pension information be sent to your home.  In addition, members should down load the  Pension SPD to review pension options and click here for a copy of a retirement check list .  Also, meeting with a financial advisor for advice on retirement is highly recommended.  As soon as we have more information we will communicate.