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Bargaining over a previously retired employee's healthcare is a permissive subject of bargaining and Frontier refused to bargain over it during this round of bargaining.  Frontier has only offered continued retirement benefits to active employees who retire during the life of the collective bargaining agreement.  They would not even consider providing retiree benefits to the employees who built this company. Frontier made a commitment to grow the business in Connecticut when they bought SNET. Frontier continues to disappoint.

ATT provides retirement healthcare options to retirees and has done so for decades.  Frontiers financial crisis, which was 100 percent caused by their own doing, should not be an excuse to kick the expectations of retiree healthcare to the curb. CWA Local 1298 will continue to pursue options with regulators and political representatives that may be available to Frontier retirees who built the business they continue to destroy with terrible business decisions. While Frontier may not be legally bound to collectively bargain over their shameful refusal to negotiate over retired employees healthcare, we will continue to put pressure on Frontier to reconsider their position on this important issue.

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