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As you know, the financial situation at Frontier Communications continues to deteriorate. Recent reports indicate that the company may file for bankruptcy in mid-March.

As I indicated when I last wrote to you about this matter in November, we are closely monitoring the situation at Frontier. Unfortunately, we have been down this road before with other companies. We are prepared, and if Frontier files for bankruptcy and protection from its creditors, we will act quickly and use every resource at our disposal to protect our members and retirees.

In December, Frontier’s Board of Directors appointed Bernie Han as CEO, replacing Dan McCarthy. I have been trying to schedule a meeting with Mr. Han to discuss issues that are of critical importance to our members during this difficult period. Mr. Han has not yet committed to meet with me.

Frontier locals in District 9, who will be entering bargaining with the company in early March, have developed a mobilization activity to make sure that Mr. Han is aware of the importance of this meeting. Beginning tomorrow, members will present supervisors with individual message slips asking that Mr. Han meet with me.

I encourage all Frontier locals to participate in this mobilization activity no later than February 14. (More info to come from your local officers)

Additionally, we will be holding a national Frontier town hall call in February. I have not yet set a date for the call, but the mobilization materials contain a flyer informing members how to sign up so that they will be notified once call details are available.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Chris Shelton, CWA International President

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