Date Posted

Frontier has announced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. We have received the following information from the company.


  • We expect our employees, including those represented by unions, to continue to be paid and receive their healthcare benefits as normal throughout this process. Employees should continue to come to work on the same schedule and remain focused on their job responsibilities.
  • Frontier's union contracts will remain in effect as per their terms and any extension or renegotiation. We fully expect to continue to work in a mutually respectful manner with our unions as this process moves forward.
  • Frontier is continuing to operate as normal, and we have sufficient liquidity to run our business throughout the court-supervised process.
  • We remain committed to providing our customers with quality services that they expect from Frontier without interruption.

We will continue to work with our National union to monitor the situation as more information becomes available. We are hopeful that this announcement will help get the business moving forward in a positive way. The opportunities to grow the business and correct the mistakes of the past should not be just talking points. We need the new CEO Bernie Han to improve systems and invest in our network. We are all willing to do our part to help the company succeed.

Frontier has set up a website with more information including an FAQ that answers some of the questions you may have, including the effect this will have on our retirees. Please check upcoming issues of the INSiDE WiRE and our website for updates. When we find out more information, we will pass it along to the membership.

We also want to wish our members and their families who have been diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus a speedy recovery and the very best as we navigate through this pandemic. Our members are on the front line of this pandemic and need to continue to use PPE and follow social distancing guidelines. Be smart and stay safe.