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I wanted to provide a bargaining update and explain the process of early bargaining. We are required per our Memorandum of Agreement to be available to bargain 6 months in advance of contract expiration. We started the process on April 15th and are encouraged by the support generated by our members to kick off bargaining. We have met a few times and had informal discussions about the needs of both parties and the path to reach an agreement. We are currently discussing some items that may help in that endeavor. We can't,  as always, share details of our discussions. I want to thank the mobilization committee for the fantastic job they are doing engaging our members in activities that continue to send the message to the company that we are ready, willing and able to do what is necessary to achieve a fair and just agreement for our members. The bargaining committee will work with the mobilization committee to keep the appropriate level of activities in order and increase activities as needed as  bargaining continues. Your support will be the difference and most importantly our driving force to achieve our goals.