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The Union and the company met on Tuesday and again today. We feel that there is a path for a fair agreement. Both parties have exchanged several proposals over the last several weeks. We have made it very clear that job security for ALL of our members is critical to getting a contract. The company wants to go down headcount with no assurances of job protections for those who remain. It is time to turn up the heat and show the company we are not giving them a free pass to eliminate jobs in Connecticut. Since 2014 the company has driven customers away and revenues down to all-time lows. Frontier promised to "grow jobs and grow the business". We have seen the opposite and every member has a story of how the company continually disappoints customers on a daily basis. We want to be a part of the business turning around and delivering the best service to customers in Connecticut.

Mobilize, Mobilize, Mobilize!! Check with your Chief Stewards for activities at your workplace!!

Join us tomorrow at noon at Frontier Headquarters 401 Merritt 7 Norwalk for our rally to get a fair contract and job security. If you can't make it be sure to do your part at your work location. We are going to use every resource we have to achieve a fair and just contract.

A special Thank You to our Union brothers and sisters across the country at Frontier and to all our Union sisters and brothers in Connecticut for your support. An injury to one is an injury to all!