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Bargaining continued all last week and the company continues to pursue their concessionary proposals.Most recently, they've proposed that they should be able to lay off BA's so that they can be replaced by management who are surplussed. You deserve better than to be expected to pay for your own office supplies out of your wages and be expendable to keep their management cronies on the payroll!Negotiations resume today and we have agreed to a one-week extension of the current contract. One day longer, One day stronger!

Your CWA District 1 & 2-13 Bargaining Committee;

Tonya Hodges - District 1 Staff
Keri Evinson - District 1 Local 1400
Katie Montalbano - District 1 Local 1298
Dominick Chirichell - District 1 Local 1025
John Petrini - District 2-13 Staff
Cindy Neumeyer - District 2-13 Local 13500