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A Message from President Dave Weidlich

After yesterday’s Listen Live, I heard from many members that heard Frontier’s CEO make some comments about service anniversaries on the earnings call and he was also yamming on yammer.

CEO Nick Jeffery just doesn’t get it!

He stated, “I am not in favor of celebrating “time served”. This is a great metric for people in prison or in the civil service, but not for the modern, fast moving and success oriented company I believe Frontier can be. So we will celebrate those who make a difference whether they’ve been here a month, a year, a decade or more.”

Here is my response to him on the yammer:

“Comparing milestone service anniversaries (20,25,30,35,40,45 and even 50 years of service) to prison is disappointing. Recognition of these important anniversaries reflect appreciation of service to the company, accomplishments of employees and their value to the company. A true leader certainly recognizes the value of years of dedicated service to the business and the daily value of those who bring exceptional service to customers or the business. Employees will continue to strive to be the best and help the company succeed despite your dismissal of these important anniversaries. Your failure to recognize years of providing service to the company and our ability to have successful careers is very short sited and not very forward thinking” (Dave Weidlich)

Celebrating a work anniversary is a good way of expressing sincere appreciation for the employee’s efforts over the said period of time. Whether it is a 1 year work anniversary, a 20 year work anniversary, or even a 40 year work anniversary, celebration of it marks an acknowledgement and appreciation of the employee’s dedication towards the organization. Celebrating a work anniversary strengthens the bond between an organization and its employees. The older the relation, the more it feels like family. Family…that’s what “the phone company” has always been to us Nick!

On behalf of CWA Local 1298 I would like to acknowledge and thank all of our members for your dedicated service. It is appreciated and valued by your Union sisters and brothers each and every day!