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Even throughout a global pandemic, AT&T has continued to make immense profits. In 2021 alone, AT&T’s operating profits reached a whopping $36.9 billion.

While AT&T executives benefit from these company profits, we rarely, if ever, see the benefits of additional profit, despite making the company run. Instead, AT&T threatens our healthcare benefits, closes corporate, union-staffed stores and outsources the work to non-union authorized retailers, and demonstrates its complete lack of care for employees by “gifting” us Cheetos – if anything at all – for Employee Appreciation Day.

We say, AT&T, share your pot of gold! Hands off our healthcare! Good union jobs! Fair contract now!


AT&T might have the money (the money we make them), but we have the people power. This month, CWA members have been taking action to tell AT&T enough is enough – we deserve our fair share!